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The Recession Is Over In St. Louis!

The recession is over baby. O-V-A! 

Funk what you’ve been hearing Mitt Romney talk about this past month. Whatever Obama has done has worked to perfection… at least in St. Louis. I mean, really, how else could 40,000 of our friends and neighbors waste their hard earned scratch filling up Busch Stadium every night?

Riddle me that, Mr. “When Is The Economy Going To Turn Around”.

I mean, unless feckless offensive, porous defense and a horrible bullpen twist your nipples, I can’t think of a single reason to pay your hard earned money to see the Cardinals other than you’ve got dough burning a hole in your pocket. Maybe other Midwest cities are struggling to pay the bills, but in eastern Missouri, things are kosher.


And if you’re looking to rope some of your other well-heeled friends into coming to join you at Busch Stadium, you might want to send them the refreshed Busch Stadium review from our friends over at Stadium Journey. They’ve updated Busch IIIs specs and ratings (probably to reflect the gold palate tastes of our suddenly rich fan base) and we encourage you to read all about it:


They’re also a great resource if you like to see other sports teams when you travel. Including pro, college and minor league parks in all sorts of sports. Put them in your bookmarks and thank us later.