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The Second Day of Cardinal Crapmas

You knew this feature wouldn’t wait too long to touch on Pujols and Rally Squirrel-related items. We’ll save Albert for tomorrow because everyone always likes a good bumper sticker typo:

Whoops. At least the Cardinals made the playoffs in 2001, so you won’t look completely stupid with this on your car – just totally stupid. The big difference is that in 2001 “Rally Squirrel” was a clubhouse game organized by Matt Morris, in which he’d get high and stuff squirrels down Bud Smith’s pants. Most nights he didn’t even need the squirrels, he’d just get high.

Using the Rally Squirrel to make a profit is lame. Using the “We” phrase as a fan is pretty lame too. But making a copy mistake when you have to type out 27 total letters and numbers is the worst. I hope they sell a ton of these now and never realize they’re off by ten years. Of course, all that hides the fact that no one has used a bumper sticker in twenty years.

Side note – you’re not the only one who thinks about the 2001 Diamondbacks and immediately has the urge to punch Craig Counsell in the balls a few times.