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The Sophomore Slump Is Real; Siegrist Proves It To Us All

Some people think it’s not real.

It’s got a whole page of definitions on Urban Dictionary and it is to music critics what ‘clutch hitting’ is to baseball – but ‘The Sophomore Slump‘ idea is gaining validity.

As Cardinal fans, I think we were pretty much in denial. But with only 40 games to go we can’t pretend like it isn’t right there, reminding us constantly that ‘The Sophomore Slump’ is real.

Let us all watch it in action – here.

You already know that San Diego has scored the fewest runs in MLB. So when they come into Busch Stadium and start banging out grand slams and hanging 8 spots on The Birds, things are off the rails.

Kevin Siegrist (sophomore) has been sent down to AAA Memphis this morning after inflating his ERA to a bawdy 6.11. In 11 more innings pitched in 2013 his ERA? 0.45.

Carlos Martinez (sophomore) has been called back up the big show in his stead. This after trudging through a season that saw his WAR dip to -0.7, almost costing the Cardinals a full game with his performance.

Going into 2014, part of the team narrative was very clear: if these guys are this good as rookies, watch out when they’ve got some experience under their belt.

Wacha has been hurt. Rosenthal has been racking up saves on a tight-wire. Shelby Miller – well, you watched Shelby Miller last night.

Nearly all the sophomore Cardinals have regressed in 2014, with the exception of Kolten Wong – who wasn’t without his struggles earlier in the season. Instead of building on the success of 2013, the Baby Birds have struggled to find their footing.

The death knell hasn’t quite tolled on 2013 yet.

But the clapper is starting to swing inside the bell and each loss to a bad team like the Padres brings it closer to ringing out.

For those that don’t believe in ‘The Sophomore Slump’, the Cardinals are making them believers – one game at a time.

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