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The STL County Libraries Know What You Want…

Cal Ripken Jr!

World Series? World Schmeries. If you want to get the youth fired up about books in this town you call in the big guns. Not some little podunk baseball team like the Cardinals. We’ve got a serious reading problem in St. Louis (see Matheny’s bookshelf below) and we need a warrior to fight the fight for reading over the long-haul.

Cal Ripken Jr. knows something about plugging away.

If you thought Cal was here just because Baltimore is hellhole (see Wire, The) then you’d be wrong. He’s here to sell his new book and his News release makes it known that if you present Cal with something to sign other than his book you just bought… well, you can cram that idea right in your iron, man.

You can read the whole press release: LINK HERE

Is it me or does the book make it sound like we’ve got some unresolved anger issues brewing? To wit: 

“He’s overweight, scared and hates his new life in Dullsville, Maryland, aka Baltimore, where he’s a target for brutal teasing. But he loves baseball. And despite his size, he plays third base like a dream. Too bad he’s competing for the starting job on the Orioles of the Dulaney Babe Ruth League against budding hoodlum Dante Rizzo, who vows to squeeze Cody’s head like a grape if he beats him out. Life gets even more complicated when Cody’s school is beset by a rash of mysterious thefts, a crime wave that threatens to sideline Cody–and ruin a golden season for the Orioles. Will Cody ever succeed in getting people to see him for who he really is?”

Good luck with the reading everyone. Just keep him away from Mo. He might try to see if he can play some first.