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The Tenth Day of Crapmas

By the time you get to the tenth day of the 12 Days of Christmas song, you’re ready for the singin’ to shut up. The song is the same thing over and over, and agonizing to listen to. You kind of wonder who is listenting by that point. And who gave whomever the green light on such a crappy song?

On a probably-related note, did you know former Cardinal Kent Bottenfield is a Christian singer? Check out one of his music videos (Not Safe For Work! Just kidding, unless you have a violent guy with functioning ears in the cube next to you):

I got through 23 seconds of that. How’d you do?

Anyway, on the tenth day of Cardinal Crapmas, head out to stores everywhere the internet, and buy one or both of his CDs.

It’s the least you could do – Kent Bottenfield played a key role in Cardinal history by single-handedly bringing Jim Edmonds to St. Louis, don’t act like you already forgot.


Fun fact: If we had tags to these articles, JesusTime would be one of them.