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The Third Day of Cardinal Crapmas

I didn’t think we had readers, but someone allegedly passed this along to Hooks the other day via email. It’s an eBay listing for a “modified” Pujols jersey:

I think this is the first time we’ve had a Cardinal crapmas entry in which something was taken from the crap pile and put to good use. How many knockoffs of this will we see at Busch next year? This jersey will be a rare case in which duct tape isn’t used.

And a side note humblebrag – I was actually at the ballpark last night at an event featuring a photo op with the World Series Trophy, and looking around, how weird is it going to be to see ZERO photos and ads of Albert Pujols around the stadium? And how silly will it be when four local TV camera crews film the guy who gets to unmount them all? It’s really going to take a while getting used to this.