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The Twelfth Day of Crapmas

You know, there’s that old saying in huntin’ – No matter what day it is, there’s always sumpin’ to hunt.

Okay, I actually just made that up, but with this craptastic women’s Cardinal camouflage hat, your special lady will be ready to go on the hunt at all times.

And that’s not even a “cougar” reference.  Unless you want it to have double meaning, but that’s your business, not mine.

They do make these hats for men as well, and rumors about Springer, Franklin, and Izzy lobbying to wear these during the ’08 season cannot be confirmed nor denied by Cardinal management.

One other positive that camo hats bring is that you can hide the top of your head…possibly overlooking the bushes at Viva El Birdos’ headquarters to see what they’re writing about next.  But then doing the complete opposite, by inserting dick and fart jokes at key moments.

That concludes our Twelve Days of Cardinal Crapmas.  If you bought all the items I listed, you probably wouldn’t be counted on to buy anything else your entire life, so hopefully you took my advice.  I know a vaccuum cleaner or toaster oven would have been so much more thoughtful for your lady, and those are excellent ideas, but there’s always next year*.


*There’s definitely not a next year.