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The UCB ‘Blogger Day @ Busch Stadium’

As much as we can all get caught up with the day to day trials and tribulations with the Cardinals, it’s easy to forget that overall the organization is first class.

The Sunday before last, the team held their annual ‘Blogger Event’ where they gather all us nerds up for an afternoon of light schmoozing and free booze. So we sent 2 STL Bureau correspondents to this year’s affair.

I don’t know why they invite us, but I do know that we’re very appreciative.

Here’s what Bryan and Lizzy had to report from the Q/A session with GM John Mozeliak and President Bill DeWitt III:

  • Mo said (paraphrased) that Scott Rolen wanted out of St. Louis. He didn’t want to trade the 3B, but it was best for everyone to part ways.
  • On the draft: the organization in a position of strength, so they can go after the best option available as opposed to focusing on positions or pitching.
  • Mo said he “will not make a decision for today forgetting about tomorrow” when talking about the trade deadline.
  • Ballpark Village is doing well at the goal of having activity around the ballpark on non game days, said Bill DeWitt III. Money being generated is going to payback loans and bonds.
  • The goal is to have activity around the stadium and future developments 365 days a year. (Just what the Rams and Blues want to hear, right?)

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And here are some photos Bryan & Lizzy took: