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The Wrigley Field Fued Just Exploded

Friends, you might not give a rip about Wrigley Field or the Chicago Cubs beyond when they play the Cardinals. And if that’s the case, thanks for the click, you can move on with your day.

But if you enjoy the some good ol’ fashioned baseball drama, then you might be interested in what’s going down today in Chicago.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Wrigley is 100 years old. It needs some work. And the owners of the Cubs want to invest about 500 million dollars to upgrade the stadium.

2) Part of that renovation, though, includes new signage. Some of which would block the rooftop views from all those buildings across the street from Wrigley you see on TV.

3) Screw those guys, right? Well, problem is, those guys do have a contact with the Cubs where they pay the team cash in exchange for them getting the ability to do business and sell tickets. They’ve been trying to re-work the deal for about a year now.

4) That hasn’t gone very well.

5) Looks like Tom Ricketts (one of the owners) had enough. And he made this video. It includes all sorts of excuses about why the Cubs aren’t very good. Basically they’ve let us peek behind the curtain…

And now?

Well, the rooftops are prepping for  court battle. They’ve released a statement to that effect. Bottom line? Things are about to get real messy, real quick.

We’ll just be over here wondering about that batting cage. It explains ALOT.

Photo: YouTube