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This Might Actually Be Good For Wainwright

Pipeshots on pipeshots on pipeshots.

Mr. Wainwright, the Cardinals ace, was tagged with his 8th loss of the 2014 season in Philadelphia Friday night. It wasn’t gruesome, but it wasn’t close to what the former Cy Young candidate is capable of, especially against a bad team, ESPECIALLY when he’s spotted a 4 run lead before taking the mound, E-S-P-E-C-I-A-L-L-Y when he’s getting questioned about his performance as of late.

Wain-O hasn’t been the stopper the Cardinals need the 2nd half of 2014. And he just pissed away a win against a bad team on a night when the Brewers were aching to get pulled closer to 2nd place.


I think we just saw the last of the Bad Adam.

“I’ve been grinding for a long time. I’ve been grinding, grinding, grinding—trying to find ways to get outs. Finally, mid-game I was able to make an adjustment that just changed the whole way everything was going. It’s been a month and a half of just very frustrating baseball from my side of it. I think I may have finally turned the corner, obviously very frustrated that the team gave me a lead like that and I was able to cough it up. Just frustrated by that.”

Brian Stull of STLBaseball Weekly reported this quote Wainwright gave to FSN after the game. Call me crazy, but that’s the sound of a man who’s been in a tailspin but decided it’s time to say ‘F-IT’ to all the negativity and go back to what he does best…

Beating the other baseball team.

Wainwright has earned a little leeway. His season on the whole is still very good. He hasn’t been the same since the All-Star Game. We know it. He knows it. And after a brutal first 1/3 of a game, he decided to become Idina Menzel and Let It Go.


But you get the point. Mark it down. In 5 days, we’ll be putting up a post with a ‘He’s Back’ headline.

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