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This One’s For You

Tonight on FSN during the STL Cards broadcast, they'll be doing their annual 'This One's For You' special where the game will be televised on the Armed Forces Network. 

If you're reading this site, you're probably going to be watching anyway. But still.

I have special memories of this game, since several years ago, in a game against the Boston Red Sox (the year after they beat the Cardinals in the World Series), they came to town.

My dad asked me to volunteer to work a beer stand because you can raise money for groups by working beer stands. Since the troops were involved, this game wasn't going to be called because of the rain.

But, man… did it rain. For hours.

Want to know why they added the addendum to the beer sales rules that it ends after the 7th inning OOOOORRR after 4 hours from when the gates open? Because of this game.

People. Were. Lit.

Maybe that's just all in my head – at least the part about this game being the tipping point – but I do know there is not just an inning limit anymore, but some sort of time limit.


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Also, we got a tip in the email box that today is the 5000th day since the Cards traded for Darryl Kile. If you'd like to read more about that day and what led to the trade you can find everything at The Hardball Times: LINK HERE