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Thoughts On The Rams Draft & Friday Links

If you don't like NFL Draft talk, move along to the links below. It's one of the best non-sporting sporting events of the year. 

So the Rams did a little draft day moving and shaking last night. 

1) Tavon Austin.

Want to feel good about this pick? Then read THIS article on Grantland from 2 days ago. If you're too lazy to click, it basically says that Austin is the future of how NFL skill players will look.

It isn't an article about Austin being good. Or even great for the Rams. 


Austin is the prototype of how NFL skill players will look.

That's encouraging, no? 

The Rams need playmakers. They know it. We know it. Seattle and SF know it. So by going out and getting Austin, the Rams all of a sudden have a pulse on offense. He's not going to be as good as we'd like in 2013… WRs rarely are. But he's going to break some plays and get better in years 2 & 3. He's a heavy rain in the midst of a drought. 

2) Alec Ogletree. 

Big time talent. Looks like a freaking NFL player. 

But the NFL Draft is really important to players. Unlike any other pro sports league, you need to start earning right away to max out your value. Careers are short and the money is not guaranteed. 

It's alarming to me that in a 4 month period (JAN-APR) where a player is done with school and dedicated to one thing and one thing only – training- that an elite prospect can get a DUI.

I'm not here to mount a high horse.

You want to drink? Go for it. But when there are literally millions of dollars hanging in the balance, I'd like to think that most people… even you or I… would be able to take a break from the party life for 4 months to try and grab as many of those dollars as we can.

Alec didn't.

He drank, he drove, he got a DUI. This is after he had already been suspended for 4 games for failing a drug test earlier in his career.

He knew the microscope was out and didn't care. He pissed away money. And when pro athletes don't care about money, what is going to motivate them? 

I hope Alec becomes the LB that the Rams need. I hope he's a stud's stud. He has the talent.  But the fact that he had 4 months to try and keep his nose clean, he screwed up? Even Janoris Jenkins knew better.

Now, the Friday Links…

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That's it. That's the week. Weekend series with the surging Bucs should be fun, right? It's about that time of year where Pittsburgh gets 5 games over .500 and Baseball Tonight starts telling us rubes that THIS is year they finally make it over .500. So we have that to look forward to.