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Thoughts On Yadier Molina’s Music Video

Technically it’s Tony Lenta singing ‘Pa’Lante’.

But if this is the Puerto Rican Roc-A-Fella records, Lenta is Memphis Bleek and Molina is Jay-Z…

So you’re not going to actually see Molina until the 1:54 mark of this video, but it’s worth the wait. Because in rat-tat-tat order you see his smoldering ‘catcher face’, Jon Jay and Daniel Descalso cameos and then Molina again GETTING AFTER IT @ 2:11.

Some thoughts:

1) The edit makes it hard to figure out who the Phillies pitcher is that gives up the hit to Molina at the 2:39 mark, but I’m sure someone isn’t thrilled to have his meatball immortalized in this video.

Although, it’s not clear if that was actually a hit or not. Kind of looks like it was a routine grounder.

2) After re-watching this song about 5 times, I have to admit – it’s pretty catchy. The video doesn’t quite go where I think these guys were trying to go (kid grows up, makes it, et al.) but I didn’t mind that one bit.

3) This is unquestionably the highlight of Daniel Descalso’s season.

h/t @DrewSilv

Photo: YouTube