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Tiger Woods, Russell & The Friday Links

16 mistresses. SIXTEEN! But the dude still can blow up the Masters.

Over the course of my life I’ve known some pretty skeevy men. Hell, I’m still friends with most of them. But having the energy to juggle SIXTEEN women AND a wife AND kids oh, AND be the best professional athlete on the planet by far? That’s just absurd.

I mean would this guy be the most interesting psych case of all time? Is he better at compartmentalizing than anyone, ever? How in the world is he still with his wife? Was he ever close to getting caught? How do your work so damn well when you’re so consumed with dirty texting? How tough is it for him to not be getting laid after a 4 under at Agusta? These are just a few of the questions we need anwsers to.

In fact, I’ve got an idea.

Let’s isolate Tiger and Russell from Survivor in a poon-free zone somewhere in Maine, make them like a duel President with authority over everything and just solve America once and for all. I mean we’re wasting the two greatest minds of this generation on golf and Survivor? That doesn’t seem productive AT ALL.

Howard Stern did make a good point yesterday when he said: “Unless you’re as good at what you do as Tiger is, DO NOT take any tips from him on how to treat a women. You will not get laid, you will get thrown in jail.” He’s right. The guy is a freak.


Speaking celebrity sex, who do you guys think the next guy to get put up on the holy troika of philanderers will be?

My guess?  Lin Yu Chun

And IIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiieeeeeeIIIIIIIIiiiii will always love the liiiiiiinnkkkkssss…

  • What could possibly be the best WTF video of all time. LINK HERE
  • Impress your friends tonight with an easy candle trick. LINK HERE (HT: JH)
  • Interesting look at a stock image and what it can mean for your company. LINK HERE
  • Have we blasted Cleveland in a while? LINK HERE
  • Man loses girl. Man sets up mugging to come in and save day and get girl back? LINK HERE
  • Is it wrong of me to still want to party with her? LINK HERE
  • Since we’re talking about Tiger- very lengthy New York Mag article about his affairs. LINK HERE (HT: CL)

THE NICE SECTION: (Yes, we’re ripping off Bernie now. Yes, we have a soul.)

+ Old friend Bill Ivie got a new job. To go with his old job. LINK HERE

+ The boys over at Redbird Report wanted us to pass along a link to their podcast that debuts today. If you’re into Cards talk, it should be a good time. LINK HERE

+ Regular reader and good person Julie Sax asked if we’d put up her donation page for Girls on the Run. If you’re looking for a charity to give a few bucks to in anticipation of a weekend of breaking all the social standards of human decency, do it here. LINK HERE

+ If you’re on the East side this Saturday evening or don’t mind heading to the East side (Edwardsville, not Sauget, BTW), then may I suggest the Taste of Edwardsville. LINK HERE

Have a solid weekend, everyone. And if you see Jim Edmonds- tell him he owes me money.