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Time Flies When You’re On Holliday

Assuming Matt Holliday stays healthy… 

No moths in the ears. No balls to the balls

Sometime around mid-May of 2014 he'll have officially played more games as a Cardinal than he did as a Rockie. (698 to 638 currently).

How'd that happen?

Beyond Todd Helton (and maybe Dante Bichette… MAYBE), Matt Holliday is the face of the Rockies.

A built-in storyline for FSN broadcasts that can spice up an otherwise mostly un-noteable mile post on long road; The prodigal son returns to the parent who couldn't afford him. 

Here we are, though. Matt Holliday is a Cardinal. Not a Rockie.

Time flies.

Since the beginning of the season, the Cardinals have been more resilient than Brittney Spears' career (though her new single is an audible representation of everything that's wrong with the universe, her constitution is admirable).

Furcal, Carpenter and Motte lost before the season started. Jamie Garcia on the 60-Day DL. Jake Westbrook falling off the face of the earth and being reincarnated as Mitchell Boggs two point oh no.

Molina, Freese and Craig all spending stints out of the line-up. A bazillion players that we'd never heard of in January leading the charge into October. 


Still, a division title is in sight. Another playoff appearance is almost certain. And we're going to have bonus baseball. The Cardinals have looked devastation in the eye in a Wal-Mart parking lot and told him to go lick some Fun Dip. 

Life is good tonight, friends. 

Enjoy it while you can. Because before you know it, the Cardinals will be slapping a #7 up on Busch Stadium somewhere and you'll still be thinking… wait, isn't Matt Holliday a Rockie?