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Time For Kozma To Be Benched & The Friday Links

Pete Kozma has 86 hits in 2013. 

That includes 19 doubles, 1 home run and 34 RBIs. After watching 153 Cardinal games, I'm just not sure this happened.

Even taking into account bathroom breaks, falling asleep for west coast games and general drunken memory loss, I'm having a hard time placing even 1 hit, let along 86.

Hell, he even has videos on YouTube of people booing him like's he A-Rod. So he's been doing SOMETHING this season, right?

I'll have to concede that Baseball Reference tries to outright lie as little as possible. So those 86 hits probably did happen. But it's no excuse to keep playing the beleaguered shortstop…

And STOP IT. Right now. I don't want to hear another person EVER say 'at least it hasn't effected his defense'. So don't even let that string of words form in your brain. Forget that was ever said. 

In yesterday's brutal 15 inning loss to the awful, terrible Rockies, Pete Kozma had a 0-3 day. Nothing new, considering his average is .216. But when he came up with the bases loaded in the top of the 15th, you knew he was going to hit into a double play.

He hit into a double play.

"It died about belt high," Kozma said of the pitch from Rob Scahill. "It was a good pitch to hit, didn't do anything with it." (via MLB.com)

The Rocks then #TossedSalas for the win moments later. 

The Cardinals lead in the NL Central was cut by 50%. Leaving Coors Field taking 2 out of 4 against the already established awful, terrible Rockies.

True, Mujica is becoming a problem. And yes, the start by Mike Wacha was less than quality. But when everyone in the world is calling for something to happen – and it happens – who is that on? What does Kozma need to do to prove he's not worthy of playing time on a contender?

Hate to bury the guy. At the same time, there are a weekend and a week of games left. Every game, inning, at bat and pitch are critical. It's time to give the full time SS gig to Descalso and let it ride. 

Now, the Friday Links…

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That's it. That's the week. It's time for the Brewers to assume the fetal position and gift wrap 3 wins to the Cardinals so we can all make plans to enjoy Wild Card weekend from a safe, mocking distance.