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Time To Get To Work And The Friday Links

It’s time. 

The Cardinals welcome 3 shitbag teams to Busch stadium for 10 games in 10 days. The Pirates, Rockies and Marlins are all reeling and all are about at their breaking point where they become sellers at the trade deadline and start “planning for the future” by calling up talented rookies, making exotic line-up decisions and otherwise doing the things teams do when they know the postseason is a pipedream.

On the other hand, the Cards are only 1 game over .500 at home this season. Which is not only very un-playoff like for any team, but totally out of the norm for the Cardinals the past two decades. They’re a team that does pretty good on the road, but thrives at home.

These next 10 games present 1/16 of the opportunity a team has in a season. And the Birds need to take 7-8 games to make up ground on the Reds. It’s going to be hotter than two rats humping in a wool sock pretty much this whole homestand. The boys need to bring it every night and start separating the NL Central wheat from the chaff.

I don’t even know what the hell that means, but they need to do it. Hard, I would assume.

It’s time to get after it men.

(SIDE INDULGANCE) You know how you’re a good recrutier? There are 30 teams in the NBA. There are 60 picks in the NBA Draft. There are 345 DI basketball schools. There are 1725 ‘starters’ on said college basketball teams. These numbers don’t include thousands of foreign hopefuls wanting to play in the NBA. Yet Coach Cal has all 5 starters AND a bench player drafted last night?

Just saying.

Now, the Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. Hope you haven’t melted already. Remember to drink tons and tons of beer this weekend, not only will it taste good, but all the water in beer will keep you hydrated. And that’s really the most important thing when it’s hot out. Staying hydrated.