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To Pitch A Gem No One Saw

Adam Wainwright just pitched the game of the year by a Cardinals pitcher.

Complete game shutout. 8 strikeouts. Harper and Werth were made to look feckless, combining for an 0-8 night. Just a master class against an elite NL contender to run his record to 3-1 and his ERA to 1.80.

Just curious… did anyone actually see it?

The Blues opened their playoff season against the Blackhawks at Scottrade Center Thursday night. And even though the baseball game started just past 6p central time, those who thought they’d watch most of the Cards game and tune into the Blues for the last period were sucked into the drama when 5 goals were tallied in the 1st period.

Waino went on to twirl a gem. We were all watching the best Blues game we’d seen in a looooong time. This is probably how Roy Halladay felt when he was in Toronto. ‘Hey guys! I’m over here! Doing work! Guys? GUYS?’

Sorry if you’re reading this and are looking for something a bit more profound than a statement of the very obvious. I guess this a post to put it on the record that we all acknowledge that we all would have been thrilled to watch Wainwright’s shutout last night if we weren’t watching something else.

The Cardinals have won 7 out of their last 10 games. They’ve won 4 out of the 5 series they’ve played in. And they’re set up to make that 5 of 6 with a GM1 win against the Nationals.

I know the Blues are going to dominate the conversation the next week. But if the Cardinals can keep winning series on the road against title contenders? That 100 win season might not be out of reach.

Keep on winning Cardinals. We’ll be back with you guys before you know it.

Photo: Veooz