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Tony LaRussa Returns To Busch Stadium Tonight

Tony LaRussa gave the commencement speech at Washington University this past weekend.

Afterwards he was announced as the new President of Baseball and Whatnot for the Arizona Diamondbacks, helping to explain why he wanted his cap left blank on his Hall of Fame plaque, I suppose.

And As much as TLR wants to escape his STL past and move on to making the D-backs NL Champs, he can’t.

You almost knew from the moment you Google’d the Cardinals schedule Saturday night after you heard the news when Arizona would be coming to town, didn’t you?

Indeed you did. Welcome back to St. Louis, Anthony. Long time, no see.

There isn’t any deep insight to be gleaned from this post. I’m just curious to see how Cardinals Nation reacts when his mug is put on the big screen at some point this week.

After all, it was only a few weeks ago when he was donning the red HOF Redbird blazer and accepting his honor as a STL Cardinal Hall of Famer… they’ll have to acknowledge him, right?

Or will he even be here? He has to be here right?

Will the faithful boo? Cheer? Act like all this isn’t happening?

We covered the TLR story more in-depth this past weekend, in case your interested. And as was stated then – he’s free to do as he wants. But that freedom cuts both ways.

How will the St. Louis great get greeted?

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