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Tony LaRussa’s Night Of Stars Burns Out

Animals need to be saved, people. 

Tony LaRussa saves animals. This has been well documented the past 16 years, highlighted by the ‘Smooch Your Pooch’ shirt he wore during the 2006 World Series celebration, eschewing traditional championship garb.

For the past 6 years, Mr. LaRussa has used the off-season to put on a star-studded event for ARF, the Animal Rescue Foundation in which he’s heavily involved. Big names. Big show. Big Bucks.

Animals saved.

This years event has just announced their line-up… it’s almost as exciting as the March Madness bracket reveal. Let’s see who’s coming to St. Louis to light up the newly opened Peabody Opera House!

Ok… Now let’s announce the ‘Stars’ To The Rescue.

Wait, that’s it? That’s the list? Ton Johnston? Luke Bryan? Timothy B. Schmit? Annnnnnnd? Oh, you’re serious. I’m being honest when I say that Matt Sebek might actually have more juice than any of those three guys. 

I get it. He’s retired now. And is transitioning into historical icon as opposed to a make or break power broker. But Ton Fucking Johnston? He’s retired, not dead.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a shot at LaRussa. I think he does a hell of a job with ARF and is working on a serious cause here. But I am calling for some ‘Stars’ to actually show up to this event so the people buying tickets don’t have to tell their friends and family they’re going to the big Ton Johnston show.