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Trumbsy Encourages Wins From Alaska

Ed Note: Trumbsy may or may not be planning vacations around Adam Wainwright starts in the postseason. I think things are getting pretty serious. She checks in below…

You guys, I have not been local for the NLCS.  I actually traveled to Alaska, because my friend is trying to learn how to live like a black bear and I thought I ought to go visit her and see how THAT is going.

Let me just tell you that I did NOT abandon the Redbirds and she very graciously took me to places at WEIRD times of the day to watch Cardinal baseball.


We saw two very good games! (Although I was sort of worried that the Cardinals might not score runs EVER AGAIN???)

In any case, the birds won tonight.  So I treat you with this photograph of me being VERY HAPPY about Michael Wacha on Saturday:

If you tell Adam, I will murder you in front of your family.