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Ugly In Arizona

You ugly. 

16 innings, 4 blown leads and a 3:30a plane ride later the Cardinals are in San Francisco, sporting a battered bullpen and a losing record.
Good thing they don't have any history with the Giants or anything.
It's hard to do a list, right after you just did a list, but when the Cardinals ruin your sleep cycle, it's only fair that we get to mail it in to.
So here's the Top 5 things that are most worrisome right NOW!
1) The closer. Mitchell Boggs is now 4 for 12 in save opportunities. That's not a mis-print. He blows 2/3 of the save chances he gets. If he didn't do this while being on the Cardinals, it'd be a comical little stat. He does, though. So it isn't.
2) Carlos Beltran. 1 AB yesterday. 2 ABs the day before. The old day off before an off-day to sneak in a 2 day break kind of works in July and August. In the first week of April, though?
3) Ty Wigginton. Unless the Cardinals have a super secret roster exemption that no one knows about, it's hard to see this experiment lasting past April. Dude looks JJ Abrams at the plate… LOST *. At least he's not on a two-year deal… 
4) Jon Jay. When you're the table setter, you've got the set… the… table. Can't be hacking at the first pitch when you need a baserunner (MON) or not put the ball in play with 1 out and runner on 3rd (WED). 
5) Lance Lynn and Adam Wainwright. Both torched. That's 2/3 of your top 3 starters. Jamie Garcia kind of got bailed out the other game. 
Ok, ok. We're only 3 games into the season. And there were some highlights (including Daniel Descalso's bat and Marc Rzepczynski's appearances). Still hard to swallow losses that should have been wins when the Reds were doing exactly the opposite.
* Sorry about this, actually. It's early. And the game ran late.