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Uh Oh… Ballpark Village Is Going Full Hoosier

Deep rooted fears are bubbling up to the surface. 

As St. Louisans, we know we aren't New York or London or Beijing. But we also like to think that we're more metropolitan than the average. So when Ballpark Village announced last year a 'Professional Bullriders' bar, we kind of winced. I mean, a mechanical bull? Really?

But OK. If we drink enough during the game, maybe this won't be to bad a look.

Today, Ballpark Village announced a new concert venue at Ballpark Village… 'The Barn'. Nope, that's not a typo. The live music venue in Ballpark Village will be named 'The Barn'.

And the Cardinals are sending out Press Releases about it. 

2014 looks to be a championship contender for the Cardinals on the field. Across the street, though? They're pretty much entrenching Chili Davis further into his "Cowtown" perception

Listen, BPV hasn't opened yet. 

Maybe the PBR Bar and The Barn aren't what we think they are*. Maybe we're just over sensitive and this is going to be the world-class mixed used facility that downtown has been craving for years. Maybe it will be OK.

Fingers crossed.

*They're exactly what we think they are.