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Uh-Oh… Offense Is Now Wasting 1-0 Gems

First, the positive…

For us that have to watch all the Cardinals games through MLB.TV, the Cardinals trips to Los Angeles are awesome.

Now, the bad news.

HOLY SHEET – Did the Cardinals just waste a (technically not, but still) complete game 1 run effort from Adam Wainwright? Yes, yes they did.

At least the boys aren’t in the middle of missing 3/5 of their starting pitchers or anything. They can totally toss aside 1 run gems. No worries, the bats will come into form when… um… like after the All-Star break?

No, totally after the All-Star break.

Hard to be so critical of a team that’s 6 games over .500, but as we round out the weekend and head into July, the Cardinals are shaping up to be one of the most disappointing teams the Cardinals have fielded in a decade.

Expectations were high in the spring. Expectations were tempered in April and May. Expectations continue their precipitous drop.

Doesn’t help when one of the big additions gets caught getting pulled off 2nd base on a pinch-running steal attempt, either. But Peter Bourjos is a part of the problem, not the whole problem.

Hopefully the Cardinals hitters took the time to apologize to Wainwright last night. He got hung with the L, but deserved much better. He lowered his ERA to 2.01, in case you were wondering.

The Cardinals have 3 more against the Dodgers before heading to their own personal house of horrors in San Fransisco.

Danger zone warning, everybody.

Photo: Nineties Boy