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Update: Song Of The Summer Race Heats Up

We’re heading into July and if you’re staking a claim to ‘Song Of The Summer ’14’, you’ve already charted in the Hot 100. Most likely, you’re already in the top 25…

Let’s take a look at where we’re at so far:


These songs are currently on the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 and have the best odds at being the song you’re absolutely sick of by Labor Day.

1) Fancy (Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX)

The I-G-G-Y army runs deep, so hopefully no one actually reads this. But if we’re being real? Charli XCX kind of carries this song, no?

Prediction:  A heat-seeker and currently topping the chart, but as BBQ season heats up, this one isn’t something your mom or aunt is going to have pop up on their Pandora station. And if it comes on before 10p during your backyard mix, it’s getting skipped so grandpa doesn’t leave early. 3rd place.

2) Problem (Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy Azalea)

The internet got a little pervy yesterday when Ms. Grande finally turned 21. But it was a big deal, as the International Business times was all over the day. Hell, TRL is getting revived just for her.

Prediction: 2nd place. I hope Jay-Z is somehow getting a taste of the action from the back-end of this track. Also, it’s embarrassing when the bass drops and people you’re driving next to think you’re a super badass, but then realize you’re bumping Ariana Grande. Not that’d I’d know or anything. But I’ve heard.

3) Rude (Magic!)

We’ve covered this one in-depth.

Prediction: 4th place.

4) Am I Wrong (Nico & Vinz)

This songwriting duo is based in Oslo Norway. They’re signed to Warner Brothers Records. Prior to this single, they hadn’t been higher than 19th on the Norwegian pop charts for a single. And this track peaked at #2 in Norway.


Prediction: As much as it annoys me personally, the ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’ part is the new ‘and I’m HAPPEEEEYYYYY’. People just like singing it. It’s sticky. And appealing to not just Top 40 stations, but all across the dial. From urban to light rock. This will be your song of the summer. 1st place.


Summer (Calvin Harris) – Shameless play for SOTS. But it’s #8 on this week’s chart and rising.

Happy (Pharell) – Yes this is STILL in the top 10. Pending on where you live in the states and when ‘summer’ is for you, I guess this could win.

Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke) – Kidding.

Maps (Maroon Five) – Came into the charts swinging. Already at #14.

Wasted (Tiesto) – Anyone else think that this was sung by a woman? Sorry Matthew Koma. Good cut, but if it gets too popular, moms of teenagers everywhere will have to ‘have talks’ with their kids. It’s better for everyone if we let this one fly under the radar.

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