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Vegas Baby. Vegas. Plus the Friday Links

Coach Mac, who’s been referenced on this site for years, is an odd duck.

For years, his carousing was notorious. Women all over the Midwest have been tortured by his ruggedly good looks and his ravishing personality. You know that song “Cowboy Casanova” Carrie Underwood put out a while back? Yeah- Coach Mac.

Then he decided a little over a year ago that he wanted a wife and a house and he wanted it all YESTERDAY. So he found a lovely lady, proposed months later and bought a cottage-ish house in SoCo STL and the rest is history.

But before he commits to sleeping with one woman FOREVER (!) he wanted one last stab at Las Vegas as a bachelor. So we obliged. And by the time you’re reading this on Friday I will be knee deep in Makers and craps. 

Envy me, sne-atches.

Here’s a rundown of Cardinals reading you might have missed this week:

I promise that if I win a bunch of money, you will get absolutely none of it. I love you, but I want you to know that you’re going to have to make your own way out there and what message would that send to people if I kept propping you up?

Now, the Friday Links…

  • Loud guy is scared as hell to be living in the STL. LINK HERE
  • Let me introduce you to the what is being hailed as “the strongest women on the internet”. LINK HERE
  • You wanna see a guy get his ass kicked with a rolled up magazine? Of course you do. LINK HERE
  • A history of the world famous WSJ hedcuts. Interesting. LINK HERE
  • I suggest you setting this as your homepage ASAP. LINK HERE
  • The future of the fight against cancer. Some good news this Friday. LINK HERE
  • Even though this link is about baseball, half of you will hate it with a passion and the other half will just hate it. LINK HERE

Have a kick-ass weekend everyone. We’ll be back here next week to talk about what it’s like to really have a tiger in your room, what Mike Tyson is like in real life and just how in the hell you return a baby without getting in trouble with the law.