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VIDEO: Inside Albert Pujols’ Wildwood Home For Sale

Today the STL Business Journal obtained footage (presumably from a real estate agent) that gives us a never before seen glimpse into the life of Albert Pujols, former St. Louis Cardinal and former St. Louis hero.

Some things to notice:

1) Albert seems to be quite fond of intricate iron work. From the grand staircase banisters to the kitchen chandeliers, he like adornments fancy.  

2) Some have noted that Albert’s personality was bland. So it’s no surprise to see all the walls beige and all the crown molding white. In fact, the glut of neutral tones might just give credence to the rumors he’s 42, not 32.

3) Albert doesn’t drink, so it’s interesting that he has a very nice bar in his basement. I’ve never understood what the attraction to a bar in a house would be for people that don’t drink. That’d be like me having a sewing room or something. 

The entire short video is an interesting look at the life Albert left behind. 

Oh, and Albert went 0-3 in his debut with the Angels last night. Including hitting into a double play. Anyone else find themselves feeling very strange rooting against #5?