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Wainwright, Hart And The Friday Links

So on his off-day on Monday of this week, Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright took a detour on his way to New York and stopped off at the ESPN campus to get showered with love and plastered all over SportsCenter.

Oh, wait.

The World Wide Leader actually barely used him at all, because, you know, LeBron.

He did get to meet comedian Kevin Hart, who he pitched against in a minor league game in 2009 (box score).

So, there's that.

I guess it's pretty typical. First MLB 10 game winner. The presumptive starter for the NL All-Star team in 2013. In the epicenter of the sports media world, and we've got to find out that he's even in Bristol through Kevin Hart's Twitter.

Now, the Friday Links…

Best CL ad of the year so far? LINK HERE

Cap'n Crunch is a liar. LINK HERE

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Revenge. Served cold. LINK HERE

Harder than splitting an atom. LINK HERE

Fire safety flow chart. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. The Cardinals head to Miami to start a 7 game stretch that should be one of the easiest for the Cardinals all season (Cubs come to town next week for 4). Need to clean up, boys. Get the easy W's.