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Walk Off A Hero Campaign Success

We get PR from all corners of the web. Why anyone would ever want to use this site as brand enhancement is totally up for debate. 

But who are we to judge.

We do, however, have some friends over at A-B who came up with the "Walk Off A Hero" campaign where 5K was donated to Folds of Honor (program that helps children and sposes of military members wounded or killed in the line of duty) for every walk-off hit in the 2012 regular season.

Ended up raising 2.5 million dollars off of 205 game winning hits (Including 5 by the Cardinals).

Here's an infograph with more stats:

Yes. This is a free shamless plug for A-B. But they're kicking some serious ass by giving back to Folds of Honor, so we can live with it. 

Let's raise a Bud and get ready for Sunday.