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Warshington Awaits

We all enjoyed Hooks’ recap of his trip to the north side of Chicago (especially the part where he brought home a mashtastic W on Sunday), but I’ve got my own little baseball road trip to share with you. This weekend I’ll be in Washington DC, and I get the honor of taking in a ballgame at the historic Nationals Park.

Wait, yeah it’s called Nationals Park – no naming rights is crazy! The place was designed by the same group who did Busch III. It took some real out-of-the-box thinking for this one:

Who said cookie-cutter stadiums were dead?

And because I just can’t escape the Cards’ new rival, I’ll be in attendance Sunday for the vaunted Reds/Nats match-up of the titans. Tickets have been incredibly hard to come by – mostly because the Nationals box office didn’t want to waste paper by printing more than the mistress, wife and kids tickets.

So if I’m not in a fit of rage because of seeing Bronson Arroyo’s leg kick for a couple hours, I’ll share some fun observations with you.

In a pretty awesome coincidence, I’ll be in town the night of Stephen Strasburg’s debut (Strasmus!) on Tuesday, but unable to attend the game. It’s unfortunate because of my obsession with 21 year old boys he’s a really good pitcher…but I’ll at least be in town and able to see Nationals fans getting pumped up over their future ace.

Now, if you don’t mind exploitation for a second: what else should I do while in DC?

I know about the big “mainstream” things (monuments, Smithsonian, White House) – those are all on the agenda, as this is my first trip there. But give me something I wouldn’t see on a shitty CitySearch (ShittySearch?) Top 10 list or something. Probably more importantly, give me a good place to eat. Burgers/Pizza/Steak/Cupcakes, it’s all good baby.

So what’s your scouting report say Dunc?