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We Don’t Know Anything

What a difference a week makes. 

Before the Cardinals came back over the weekend to Busch Stadium, we had Joe Kelly and… um… Joe Kelly? A pretty far departure from THIS

Since then, 4 games have been played and the Cardinals rotation has been outstanding:

FRI: Joe Kelly 6IP 1ER

SAT: Adam Wainwright 7IP 0ER

SUN: Mike Wacha: 7IP 0ER

TUES: Miller 6.2IP 0 ER

So I don't know what the hell to make of any of this. You don't know what the hell to make of any of this. And at this point we're all chasing our tails trying to figure it out.

Lance Lynn is going to take the pill tonight and he's probably going to twirl a gem. And then we're going to all talkey talkey about how the Cardinals are 'peaking at the right time' and are 'set-up for success this post-season'.

Until Jake Westbrook comes back. He ruins EVERYTHING.

Seriously, though. The playoffs have been a crapshoot for years. The Cardinals will be in at least the Wild Card game. And we should start taking the attitude that it's the playoffs NOW.

Anything can, will, won't, might, should – happen.