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We Have A Winner In The CD’s NCAA Bracket Challenge

Congratulations to the ‘Exceptionally Mediocre Bracket’  who has taken claim to the 6th annual CD B.S Detector NCAA Tournament challenge.

The bracket was submitted by Mr. Michael Toon and he’ll be receiving $60 one dollar bills and some other junk from the CD Prize Closet.

I do know Mr. Toon. And I also know that he would have happily given back the 60 dollars and CD crap for UK to take the championship home. But cold hard cash will make anyone’s day a bit better, I suppose. That is a screengrab of his bracket above, in case you were wondering.

In last place (of people that filled out their bracket) was ‘Carlos Martinez’s Porno Picks’ who had zero Final Four teams, one team in the Elite Eight and Pittsburgh as the National Champion. Let’s all point and laugh.

We’ll leave this here, just because: