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Sometimes, you're the chum.
The Cardinals sported baseball's best record heading into a three game set with the Marlins, who held the worst. 
They promptly got served with 19 runs and two losses. Chances are your office mate is going to make the (obvious) observation that 'this was unexpected'. But before we devolve into a full-on melt down, let's take a breath.
No, this isn't the normal editorial standpoint of this site. 
But heading into 7 straight games against the Marlins and Cubs, it was natural for the Cardinals to feel pretty good. Heck, visions of 25 games over .500 danced in their heads. 
Reality got a heat check.
So forget about it. Forget that series even happened. Just concentrate all your energy on the next 4 games. 
The Cubs are in St. Louis. Also, not a good team, but have been playing much better the past 3 weeks. If the Cardinals can take 3 of four before next weekend, all will be right.
If they don't? PANIC.