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Well, Hello Baseball. It’s Been Quite A While…


Baseball. TV.

Cardinals. 12:10.


Holy ass shit, baseball is really here. I’m pretty sure you knew that already, seeing how you’re all baseball and/or Cardinal fans. I know many of you come here for the unparalleled humor and sex appeal that Hooks and I have to offer (too bad we paid all that money for a Cards Diaspora market research study to confirm that), but once in a while you want some useful baseball information.

I was considering doing a live blog, but let’s face it – during spring training games (and regular season games against most of the NL Central) the announcers have nothing to talk about after the third inning. I’m pretty sure most of my live blog posts past 1pm would be about the links I tried to open at work but led to blocked sites.

So instead of me doing all the labor, here is a handy guide of links to keep you in touch with today’s game if you are unable to watch on MLB Network:

(Updates all day! More as live gamecasts/boxscores hit the internet)


Live Box Score or Gameday (mlb.com)

1pm update: Watch the game online here

Lineup/batting order:

Schumaker 2B, Lugo SS, Stavinoha DH, Ludwick RF, Rasmus CF, Freese 3B, Mather 1B, Jay LF, LaRue C, with Evan MacLane on the mound.

Cardinal Twitterers:

Derrick Goold (Post-Dispatch) – he’s doing the same live blog I would have done, but with less cursing and Megan Fox pictures. (link working now, again)

Joe Strauss (Post-Dispatch)

John Marecek (550 KTRS) – also, lots of good updates from him on the KTRS blog; could use some drunk rambling from Hadley.

B.J. Rains (Globe-Democrat)

Fake Mike Shannona definite click, he’s had some great updates today

Matthew Leach (stlcardinals.com) – who brings you Taco In A Helmet (genius idea, but there better be a lot of beef under that lettuce)

Jeff Luhnow (VP Amateur Scouting/Development)

Will Leitch (Deadspin, NY Mag, fellow Cardinal dork)

Brian Feldman (101 ESPN)

Or hear it from the Mets’ side on Twitter:

NY Miracle Mets

Mets Grrl

Message Boards:

Cards Talk (enter at your own risk)

InsideSTL McKernan’s Corner (tell them you know Hooks, they’ll love you)

Viva El Birdos Game Thread

Or if you’re dying to buy regular season tickets today, there is a presale going on…

Anything else? Post them in the comments below.