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We’re Watching Adam Wainwright At The Peak Of His Profession

Adam Wrainwright is functioning at the optimum level of performance.

On Sunday, the Cardinals ace threw another 8 scoreless innings to run the consecutive number of scoreless innings to 25 (1 shy of his personal best). He picked up his 5th win before the end of April. He’s lowered his season ERA to 1.20 and his WHIP to 0.78.

It’s a masterclass.

And people around the country are starting to notice:

Even more preposterous? He’s got more strikeouts (42) than hits and walks surrendered (35), while being 5-15 at the plate himself. He continues to vary and experiment with various deliveries in order to push his game to an even higher level, which I assume, is to become the token pitcher discussed for NL MVP, since he’s building a nice cushion in the Cy Young race.

The Cardinals offense finally got back on track Sunday with a 7 run outburst (that was wholly unneeded).

But it was Adam Wainwright’s pitching that got us thinking that we should start appreciating his starts in 2014 a little bit more. We’re in the midst of a baseball player at the very peak of his prowess.

Photo: MissouriNet