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What Are We Supposed To Do All Winter?


On one hand it's pretty nice to be rooting for a team that filled pretty much every need they had by Thanksgiving. On the other… what the hell are we going to talk about until Spring Traning?

I mean, we've already parsed out the Jhonny Peralta contract every which way and we've still got 71 days left until camps open up. Does someone have a live feed of Oscar Taveras' off-season workouts  we can embed? Maybe we should all just pick another team and follow their off-season just to mix it up?

Here's a video celebrating 'A Century Of Success' (1892 -1992):

So we'll spend the winter just kind of sitting on our hands. Waiting for the 2014 season to start.

Turns out that when we all get old, those highlights up there might not be the golden years. We might just be in the midst of them right now.  

Be warned. We might have to get real creative around these parts. Don't hold it against us.