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What Is The Deal With Autographs?

(It's a much funnier title when said in a Jerry Seinfeld voice, BTW) 

Ok, so I'm in the minority here. I know that because literally tens of thousands of cardinals fans will be attending the Cardinals Care Winter Warm-Up in downtown St. Louis and be waiting for hours to get the autographs of any number of present or former players/coaches.

And all of them came with a mandatory donation to Cardinals Care.

I'm not going to sit here and deny that I'm an odd man. Still, I can't see what the attraction to having a player sign his name on a piece of paper is. 

*Exception: If you have a piece of memorabilia, let's say a piece of Chris Carpenter's shredded jersey from game 5 of the NLDS that you wanted him to sign. Then that's pretty cool. I'm sure at the moment you present this item for him to sign, you'll share a moment. Too bad, this is what you were doing instead of mobbing him midway between 1st and 2nd base.

Other than that, why?

It wasn't a random encounter where you wanted a bit of proof that you guys met. And in 2013, isn't a cell phone pic much, much better? 

It wasn't a heartfelt gesture, since he's literally on a dias, signing for everyone that bought a ticket to get a signature.

He's not making a personal note that could be pulled out and reminisced on at a later date, maybe as a pick-me-up taking you back to a moment in time that was special.

It's a name. On some paper.

Like many posts on this site, this one is really without a point. Other than I can't remember asking someone for an autograph since I was a kid and I saw Ozzie Smith at Spring Training one year. Even then, it was kind of silly. And since then, it's never happened again. 

I think I still have it somewhere though. Maybe Ozzie would want me to sell it?