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What The Hell Is Going On Here?

Talking about a websites back end is the dork equivalent to talking about your kids. Or your fantasy team.

No one cares.

But for lack of anything redeeming at all to mention today, we are able to confirm that the Cards Diaspora migration to the new form is now pretty much complete. It’s not a huge deal in terms of look- some of the sidebars are punched up and it’s a little bit more modern. But hopefully you’ll see improvement in page load times and commenting.

If not?

Well you’re not footing the bill for this crap, so quit yer bitching and come over here. Free candy!

On to other things that aren’t as awesome as that van:

1) Virginia Tech is like The Human Centipede- not something you should be paying attention to, and when you do, your face is going to be full of shit.

2) Easy on Brad Womack ladies. Is it really all that bad to dump two girls on TV then pick one and break up less than a year later… LIKE EVERY OTHER BACHELOR HAS?! Literally. They’ve never had a bachelor find a wife that lasted. (And only one Bachelorette, not counting the most recent.) So for Womack to know these girls weren’t the one, go to therapy to work on his issues and then come back and eat crow from 30 women? He’s not Mike Vick. He simply didn’t force a marriage. What am I missing here?

3) Dude. It’s January 5th and we’ve heard NOTHING on the Pujols front. Pitchers and catchers report in 40 days. Pujols has been pretty clear it’s this off-season or he’s a free agent. Either these negotiations are the best kept sporting secret in decades (10% chance) or the Cardinals are playing with a gas fire getting kerosene squirted all over it (90% chance).

4) Here’s a piece on the Rams I wrote Sunday night. LINK HERE

No. I’m still not over it. The play-calling was just a complete abortion. The offense was so, so poor. And let’s not sugarcoat it- Bradford will be ROY, Jackson is a pro-bowler, Smith and Saffold are premium draft picks, Brown was a premiere free agent signing…. these guys aren’t the scrappy can do bunch that overachieved. They should have been better and they weren’t. In fact, they were down right pathetic. Worse yet, I don’t really see much rage.

The playoffs aren’t to be taken lightly. Say Jim Harbaugh comes into San Francisco next year and gets them in shape? What if a free agent like McNabb goes to AZ and rejuvenates the Cardinals? Could a solid draft really set up Seattle for a nice run? The NFC West was bad in 2010. But it might be good in 2011. So to just piss away a legitimate chance at the playoffs isn’t a nice story- it’s tragic.