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Who Brought the Plunger?

The back-up’d toilet that was MLB free-agency took a turn for the free flowing today when the SF Giants signed Mark DeRosa to a 2 year deal.


Also the NY Mets inked the extremely white Jason Bay to a 4 yr/ 65M deal.

We knew that Matt Holliday would not sign before Bay and we also know that we’re within a week or so of when Scott Boras’ big 2008 free agent Mark Teixeira signed earlier this year with the Yankees.

Yes, ladies and gentleman… Matt Holliday is ready to break your heart in the next 10-14 days. Book it. In fact, the way this day is progressing, it could be a hell of a lot sooner than later, too.

Hopefully none of your relatives were dumb enough to buy you the #15 jersey tee over Christmas.