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Who The Hell Are These Guys?

The statue of limitations on ‘bitch’ related motivation has expired. The Cardinals rolled over and shat on themselves this weekend in Busch Stadium. Now back to square one.

Go to any number of websites to see just how bad Brendan Ryan is at bunting or Kyle Lohse is at pitching. Those things are pretty obvious if you saw the game or the ESPN lowlights. 

What’s not so obvious, though, is just what in the F is going to happen to this team. Currently they are 1 game back in the NL Central and right in the mix for the Wild Card, so they’re straddeling the line between postseason and not. They’re almost 15 games over .500, but can’t beat a Cubs team that came into this weekend on a 2-14 streak. They play focused baseball and it looks like they could be anyone, anywhere, but then they don’t and you wonder if they even are a threat for anything.

Seriously- who are these guys and can we reasonably expect anything from them?

We expected them to be great when the season started. They aren’t. We expected them to suck before last week. They don’t, per se. We want zag and they give us zig. To expect the unexpected may be fitting, but then again, not always in a good way.

Any thoughts?

I honestly don’t have any idea what to make of any of this. Anything I write right now could be 100% correct or horribly wrong and I’m getting the feeling that the actual players on the team don’t even know who is going to show up on any given night. They’re like a human version of craps… they get rolled out and sometimes you hit 7/11 and other times snake eyes.

Let’s just assume that we’re going to be on a rollercoaster the rest of the season. No reason for us to believe that this thing is going to right itself in a positive direction.

Buckle in and let’s watch and see just how awesome/awful 2010 will be.