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Who Wants A Cards Diaspora Keychain?

Who wants a keychain?

Pretty much everyone, right? Unless you’re living in Clayton or something, you have to lock your doors. And unless you’re from Collinsville, you’re going to use a keychain and not twine.

And beer. It’s the weekend and you want a tall frosty bottle of beer, don’t you? You need a way to get that damn cap off.

Good thing our friends from WholesaleKeychain.com are here to help everyone live free and drink easy.

They’ve done CardsDiaspora.com a solid and sent over a beer opener sample pack engraved with our URL so all your friends can think you’re super cool.

We want to give you one.

We’ve got 4 to send out to anyone that wants one. If you’re interested, just leave a comment below (about anything) and we’ll mail them out next week. If more than 4 people comment, then we’ll draw out of a hat and send them out at random.

Comments will close SUN 08/05 @ 11p CST.

Seriously, though… if you need something to give out at an event/function/party, check out WholesaleKeychain.com – quality people, making quality keychains for people everywhere… but Collinsville.

Those people need a bath.