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Will Pujols Get Way Less Coverage in 2012?

Sometimes I have to travel for work. 

Because I live in St. Louis and it’s called ‘The Gateway to the West’ by people who like calling cities by nicknames, most of the travel I do is out west. After a nice dinner with some co-workers I called my mom when I was walking home. I noticed it was a little after 7 and was hoping that the Blues game against Montreal would be on NBC Sports when I got back to the hotel.

“You see the Blues won 3-0” she asks.

Dammit. It’s already 10:30 on the east coast. The game has been over for an hour. And this is the life of a West Coast sports fan. By the time you’re done with work, had a little supper and got yourself ready to watch a game, 3/4 of them are over. 

Mom made a good point too. She said the NY media wouldn’t pay a bit of attention to Pujols after opening day. It’s too late to stay up to see what he’s doing. Hmmm… now that I think about it, I can’t tell you much about anything that happened with the Angels last year. I know they were a pretty good team and didn’t totally roll over and let Texas take the AL West. I know they had a couple good pitchers. Beyond that? 


I mean I like a couple of shows, but for the most part, I watch sports. Really I don’t care what it is either, if it’s a competition, then I’m in. But after the hundreds of hours I committed to sports in 2011, I don’t know if more than a couple SportsCenter morning highlights were the extent of my Angels experience last year.

Pujols will command a bit more attention. And it’s not like if he goes on some sort of superhuman tear it won’t get national run. But outside of the spectacular, west coast teams just don’t get the coverage (and by coverage, I mean ESPN, SI, etc) that any other team would. Hell, I’m writing this and primetime is still on, you’re in bed. 

This isn’t meant to be some deep post, rather an interesting point by my mom. Less people will give a shit about Albert Pujols in 2012 because less people are going to see Albert Pujols in 2012. He’s headed to a major media market, but will probably get less press than ever before. 

Just another one of those things that we’ll never know if Pujols considered before he left.