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Win A ’85 NLCS Game 5 DVD For Doing Almost Nothing

It always surprises me that actual human beings choose to make CardsDiaspora.com one of the few websites that they expose themselves to each day. If you’re reading this right now, you put up with a ton of crap writing and still haven’t quit on us.

Good. On. You.

So as a reward, we’re going to give 5 readers a prize.

No catch. No gimmicks. Every once in a while, fine people like A&E reach out to little sites like The CD and see if we’d like to give our readers “something”. Usually it’s an offer to optimize their page rank or ship Cialis at 70% off.

But A&E? They’ve got this DVD series coming out called ‘Baseball’s Greatest Games’ and one of the featured titles is the 1985 NLCS Game 5 tilt. Let’s refresh your memory: jump to the video LINK HERE. We’ll wait …

Pretty good, eh?

Well how about a DVD exploring the ins, outs and whathaveyous of this game? Produced by the people that brought you Intervention AND Dog the Bounty Hunter?

We’ve got 5 to give away.

Enter a comment below that says anything. (Literally, it can say “anything”) and you’re entered. We’ll put the names in a hat and send 5 people this DVD ASAP. Contest closes on Thursday night 09/15/11 @ 11:59c.

If you want to buy the sucker online now, we won’t stop you: LINK HERE