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Win The Complete 2011 World Series DVD Collection!

We had some good success giving away the World Series Movie last week and 3 lucky winners have their copies en route
. I’ve watched the damn thing twice and both times litearlly came out of my seat to yell at the TV. If you buy it, you’ll enjoy it. You’ve blown your stack on way worse. 

But what if you’re a real baseball nerd like us? What if you want the whole Game 6 or the whole Game 7? What if you want to get the whole Pujols experience in Game 3?

We’ve got you. It’s the biggest CD contest EVER. (Underline for emphasis.)

Our friends at A+E Networks Home Entertainment & MLB Productions are giving us 5 copies of the 2011 World Series Collectors Edtion DVD Set. Yes, all the games, in their entirety plus bonus footage never before seen in one kick-ass package. I made a pledge to never turn down a company if they wanted to give away stuff to our readers for free. Frankly, this is the best we’ve done so far. 


That’s not too shabby right? In fact, I’d encourage you to play, even if you don’t want this. You can give it to the Cardinals fan in your life for the holidays and instatnly become their favorite person, probably ever. Encourage friends, family and others to check the site out and guess for themselves as well… the more chances the merrier.

How To Win?

We’re also pretty lazy, so let’s just play the same game we played last week. Guess a number. Any number from 1-200. The five guesses closet to the number that has been picked will get the collection.

Post your guesses in the comment section.

(Note: If you haven’t used our comment system before, you can type in a number and press “Post Comment” – it’ll ask you to connect with your Twitter, Facebook or other accounts. Chances are you’ve got one on a site that works with this, so you’re good. If not, you can register quickly with LiveFyre for a free one. We had some questions on this last week.)

The contest will close @ 23:59p CT on Tuesday 11/29/11. Please make your guesses before then. If we reach 200 guesses, then we’ll close the contest upon that 200th comment.

Quit reading this. Make a guess. And we’ll ship these out so you get them ASAP. And as always, thanks for reading Cards Diaspora.