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Winter Is Almost Over

Another sub 10 degree morning makes me feel a bit better about not being a #prisonerofthemoment… 

But this winter has been a daily kick in the junk. Small but relevant example? I spent $23 dollars yesterday on covered parking at Lambert Airport. When I got back from a 12 hour trip? Car covered in snow.

Inside. A. Garage.

So while the weather doesn't look any better tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the day after. Something about pitchers and catchers reporting to Jupiter, Florida this week makes us all feel just a little bit better about the chances of having a day over 30 degrees once again.

I repeat. Pitchers and catchers are reporting this week for the St. Louis Cardinals. Winter is almost over.

No, the Cardinals don't have a ton of drama heading into camp. The lineup is set except at 2B and CF. But we all know that Wong and Bourjos are sitting in the pole positions respectively at those spots.

The starting rotation race is where most of us will be focused on. Jamie Garcia's large contract…. err…. return from injury puts even more pressure on an immovable 5 man system. 

We'll be breaking down the pitching race later this week.

For now, we'll enjoy the thought that soon we'll be bitching about the heat and humidity. And soon can't come soon enough.