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Women Tell All Live Blog: Scrapped

I'm not just BSing… I had the Live Blog about 1/2 done when Tierra came out and laid down so quick and hard, France got embarrassed. 

Then I read the rest of the jokes I had and they weren't much better. (See below if you want to peek at what I had down.)


                                                     (The process. Yes, that's GMail used for spellchecking)

Some thoughts?

1) Chris Harrison led off the show calling it the "best season ever". Sean isn't a bad guy. Hell, he seems like a pretty normal dude. Just not the best Bachelor ever.

2) Lesley. Would have bet a buck she was the next Bachelorette. But she didn't get a prime edit tonight. Didn't get any couch time. And had a bite pulled where she mentioned she knew what she was getting into and didn't like the drama. I still think she's the favorite… but not a run-away favorite. 

3) The Alton Telegraph is running a sexiest man in Alton contest. I was not not using this tonight. LINK HERE

We'll be back next week for the big finale.