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World Series Game 1 Recap

That picture is Cliff Lee’s head in a trash can.

Because he was trashy last night on the mound. That’s why I MS Painted it into this post. It’s meant to be literal. Cliff Lee got the loss and gave up a bunch of runs when he was not supposed to give up a bunch of runs. It was not a pitcher’s duel last night. It was the opposite.

If I sound like a guy on Baseball Tonight, it’s because of the tone. They talk to us like we’re 4 years old and dad’s putting the ball on the tee for us to hack at. Why? Because baseball has a habit of making people sound like they don’t have a mothertrucking clue what they’re talking about. Everyone and their mother was telling you to settle into game 1 for a epic 0-0 struggle until dawn broke.

Final run total? 18.

Or about 17 more runs than the Cardinals scored in August.

Now the pendulum swings back the other way for pundits and prognosticators.  What a wild series this will be! Oh the runs! The sanctity of defense!!

You know what? We have 6 games max left to go in the 2010 baseball season. We didn’t expect to see Rambo Lee turn into Frank Stallone last night when he took the pill. But he did. And even thought the ratings were down 25% from 2009, I think the people watching the World Series this year are the same people that love baseball not because of the hype or hyperbole, but rather for the fact that any given game can produce something memorable.

Here’s to more misdirection and baffling play. We ain’t got much of it left.