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World Series GM2: ‘Wacha For President”

When Rocky finally fights Drago, he spends the first few rounds getting worked. 

Haymakers that would cripple pretty much anyone on earth, Rocky shakes off like they were love taps.

It doesn't matter how hard the Russian hits… Rock summons the energy to come back

No, the Cardinals didn't have 'Eye Of The Tiger' playing on FOX during the top of the 7th. But they did come back from a blow from the Red Sox's heavyweight in the bottom of the 6th, when Ortiz hit (presumably) the only bad pitch that Mike Wacha has ever made in his life.

Side: Wacha is now 4-0 in 4 postseason starts with 28 K's in 27 innings and a 1.00 ERA. Simply?


Rock hit back, though.

And now the Cardinals return to Busch Stadium with exactly what they wanted – a split in Boston.

People will be lauding Carlos Beltran for his gutsy comeback. Or Carlos Martinez's relief appearance. Or Matt Holiday's triple. None of that will be undeserved.

But the fact that a rookie pitcher. Less than 18 months removed from playing college baseball. Comes into the most hallowed of American League parks. And silences the Red Sox?

No words.

There's a difference between dragging yourself off the mat to avoid a standing 10 count and getting back up to fight the good fight.

The Cardinals leveled the World Series at a game apiece with the next three games in St. Louis in front of a revenge seeking Busch Stadium.

Maybe these guys aren't wearing star-spangled shorts, galvanizing the whole country behind him.

But they're sure as hell coming to fight.