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World Series GM4: ‘It Is OK’

Maybe it was the strong desire to clinch the World Series at home. 

Maybe it was just the sheer improbability of a pick-off ending a World Series game the night after an obstruction of the base paths did the same. Maybe, just maybe, the need to be in the front of the line with a #HotSportsTake is even more urgent in October.

But damn. People are going CRAY.

Just because Kolton Wong took the bat out of Carlos Beltran's hands to end the game, doesn't mean he took away a game tying home run. 

Just because Seth Maness grooved one to Jonny Gomes, doesn't mean he'll be a bum for the rest of his career.

Both plays I wish were different, for sure. But If I would have told you before the series that the Cards lost Lance Lynn's start, but were still tied with the Red Sox in the series, would you have taken it?

I would have. 

Maybe Twitter's just filled with ticket brokers. Or perhaps everyone's got plans on Wednesday night. Whatever the reason, it's all good. Deep breaths. Losing GM4 is not ideal. But this is why they made Adam Wainwright a franchise pitcher… games like tomorrow night.

I don't want to give you the impression that Cardinal Nation has no right to worry just a little. Leaving runners at 3rd with less than 2 outs is becoming  a bad habit. 

And Mike, my brother, what was the point in putting Lynn back out in the 6th? I hope you're practically eating a microphone in the press room to put this loss on your shoulders.

Still, it's best of 3. With Wainwright and Wacha getting the ball. 

Again, not a bad place to be. 

It hurts right now. A World Series clincher would have made Monday a ton more enjoyable. The Cardinals aren't done yet, though.

They still have got a shot to bring home 12 in 13. And here's a dollar that says Dave Freese is going to have a part in it.