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Yadier Molina Is Building A Panic Room?

So the Cardinals beat the Nats… 

They're 1 game back for the best record in the NL… Adam Wainwright with another win… blah, blah, blah.

It's not news. 

Yadier Molina building a panic room in his Florida mansion?


Now we've got some news. 

A site called Gossip Extra did the dirty work and found that his wife, Wanda, has applied for the panic room building permits.

What this means, exactly, is anyone's guess. 

But still… a PANIC ROOM?

So many questions about this. Like who's after Yadi? Is it Liam Neeson? Because if it's Liam Neeson, then I'm really going to have to re-consider my post-season predictions. If it's these guys… then we're all good. 

In all seriousness – let's hope the Molina Family is safe, just extra cautious.